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‘I want to get back in shape’ – how personal training can help

August, 2017

Clients start personal training for a number of reasons, but what most of them say to me is ‘I want to get back in shape’.

Whether it’s pre-summer, post-summer, pre-Christmas, post-Christmas, following an injury or pregnancy, or just because they’ve lost their fitness mojo, wanting to get back in shape is often the main driving force for people booking personal training sessions in Birmingham.

And I am here to help you do just that.

Starting with an initial free consultation, I will work out just what your goals and aspirations are, what you like and dislike and the time you have available, before devising a personal programme to help you get back in shape in no time.

Your programme will be designed specifically to maximise your chances of success, taking account of any recent injuries you may have suffered or other conditions or circumstances which might affect your training.

Here’s a brief outline of the main features of personal training with I Want a Personal Trainer.

  • Personalised and varied training programme – A variety of exercises is essential to your progress. The body needs different challenges, otherwise it will get used to the level of exercise and your progress will plateau. Variation also keeps motivation levels high and this also extends to different training locations, including both indoor and outdoor training.
  • Motivation – The hardest part of any fitness regime is staying motivated, which is where personal training really pays off. I will be with you every step of the way to encourage and motivate you. This includes monitoring your progress so that you can look back over your results and see just how far you’ve come and setting new targets to strive for.
  • Weight loss, diet and nutrition – If you want to get back in shape or lose weight, then diet and nutrition have to go hand in hand with any training programme. Combining exercise with positive changes to your diet will help you get back into shape quicker and ensure those changes are sustainable for the long term. As part of your free consultation we will look at your diet and discuss any changes needed to fast track your progress.
  • Challenges – Having completed my fair share of challenges, I know a thing or two about helping people prepare for a run, climb, cycle or any other fitness related challenge. If you want to get back in shape, having an event and a date in the diary to prepare for can be a great motivating factor. You could be doing it to raise money for a charity, in tribute to a loved one, or simply for your own personal achievement. I have trained people for a variety of challenges including 5k and 10k runs, the Great Midlands Fun Run, the Birmingham Half Marathon, London Marathon, Kilimanjaro trek, triathlons and London to Paris bike ride.

Rob Whalley has more than 15 years of experience as a fully qualified personal trainer and has helped people from all walks of life to achieve their goals and improve their lives.

Personal training can be carried out at your home, or an outdoor location to suit. This includes personal training in:

  • Birmingham
  • Sutton Coldfield
  • Little Aston
  • Four Oaks

To get started on your journey to a new you, get in touch for your free personal training consultation.

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