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Home Based Training

Not a gym in sight

Home is where the heart rate is  

The gym just isn’t for you. You find the set-up intimidating. You’re constantly comparing yourself to everyone else. which just demotivates you further. And, on top of everything else, you really haven’t got time to drive there and back. 

I get it. It’s why most of my training sessions are home or park-based. Training from home means more comfort and less travel; great when time is tight. And when you feel comfortable and relaxed in your home environment, you’ll train more effectively too. Plus, when the weather is bad, there’s no excuse!

“I was a gym member for 4 years and just did not go! Most PTs insisted on meeting me at a gym but Rob was different. With his patience, dedication, enthusiasm and encouragement I am now running 3 or 4 times a week plus toning with the ‘dreaded’ weights and loving every minute!”
Tracy Adcock

Park life

You might not like the gym but perhaps you need a break from being at home, especially if you work there too. Or perhaps, like me, you just love being outside in the fresh air. 

All you need to train is a little space (and a few pieces of kit) and personally, I think the best training ground is the one we are lucky enough to have on our doorstep; Sutton Park.   

“I was extremely anxious and nervous about exercising in public spaces so Rob came to my house for our first few sessions. We now meet in the park as my confidence and fitness has improved dramatically.”
Lucy Khayat

Whether you choose to train indoors or out (or a combination of both), I’ll travel to you and bring all the equipment we’ll need. I take care of everything, which means no more excuses!

It’s important you find the right personal trainer for you. Running out of reasons not to? Get in touch.

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