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What’s your Challenge?

There are few better ways to ensure a greater commitment to fitness and exercise than to embark on a fitness challenge. The very fact that there is a date looming in your diary where you have committed to achieving something beyond your usual capabilities provides an excellent focus for your training.

Challenges come in many different shapes and sizes; what you decide to do and why is very personal to you. Whether you’re doing it to raise money for a charity, in tribute to a loved one or simply as a personal achievement to yourself; more often than not it can be a combination of all. The why is really immaterial. You’ve set the goal and now you have to train hard to achieve it.

Many people sign up to a particular challenge without thinking too much about it. Often an opportunity arises at a particular point in your life and the challenge instinctively feels like the right thing to do. In some ways this is a great scenario, whilst you will almost certainly have that moment when you say ‘what have I done?’ ‘Did I really say I could do this!?’ the reality is you’ve made the commitment; you will be doing it, you just have to work how.

You may be embarking on your challenge from an unknown angle. You want to do a challenge as you know this will give you a far greater motivation to train, assisting your more general goals; such as, losing weight or improving your fitness. In this instance selecting the right challenge is important. You need to consider how hard you want to challenge yourself and how long you will need to prepare. Get this right and you will feel definitely motivated and inspired!

In Sutton Coldfield we are particularly lucky with Sutton Park hosting many events. Many of my Personal Training clients have completed 5k &10k runs and the ever popular Great Midlands Fun Run – an 8 1/2 mile run through the town centre and park. Other events I’ve successfully trained clients to achieve include the London Marathon and climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro. One of my current clients will soon be taking part in the London to Paris bike ride.

As you can see I too regularly use challenges to push myself to the next level. And having also run the London Marathon and climbed Mt Kilimanjaro I understand how powerful euphoria is on successfully completing such a challenge and how that stays with you, leaving a lasting positivity and thirst for fitness and challenges forever.

So if you are thinking about signing up to a challenge, I’d encourage you go for it. There is no exaggeration in saying that they are life changing and life enhancing events. And if you want my help achieving it then contact me now, I’ll be happy and excited to help you achieve your goals!


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