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Nutrition Information

Committing to an exercise programme is a great start because without making any changes to what you eat and drink; significant weight loss, an improvement in general well-being and a reduced risk of illnesses, such as heart disease and cancer can be achieved. However, combining exercise with positive changes in your diet will increase the speed of change and make long term results greater.
A healthy diet should include a variety of foods to provide the body with the vitamins and minerals it needs.

Here are  a few important steps to a healthy diet… You can download all 7 steps here

1) Base your meals on starchy foods. Ideally wholegrain; contains more fibre making you feel full  for longer

Should be about one third of your food intake

Starchy food examples: rice, pasta, potatoes, bread, cereals

4) Cut down on saturated fat & sugar. Too much sugar can cause Type II diabetes. 15g per 100g is too much

An excess of both fat & sugar causes weight gain

Fat raises cholesterol increasing the risk of heart disease

7) Never get too thirsty

Drink 1.2 litres a day, plus more in hot weather or when exercising

Water is the 2nd in importance to the body behind oxygen.

Water makes up: in skin 70%, in blood 80%, in muscle 75%, in bone 20% Very Important to keep hydrated!

You can download all 7 Steps of Nutrition Information here to keep you focussed.

Nutrition is clearly an important part of any training program. As part of your free consultation we’ll discuss any changes you need to make in order to get you on the right path. So, if you’re struggling with a balanced, nutritional diet get in touch.


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