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Headspace to focus on your body

You’ve made a great start! You might not feel like it yet, but you’ve already made the tough decision to do something about improving your fitness. Or losing weight. Or toning up. Believe it or not, taking this first step can be the hardest part. Now is the time to keep up the momentum…

Perhaps you’re finding it harder and harder to lose those pesky pounds.  Maybe you want to feel fitter but just can’t face joining a gym. Perhaps you want to get back in shape but struggle to motivate yourself. Or maybe, in a moment of madness, you signed up for a challenge which is now looming like a school exam. 

Either way, personal training is time for you; some headspace to focus on your body.

“When we started, I hadn’t exercised for years and I was very unfit. I now run regularly and my fitness and stamina have improved immensely.”

Getting started

Choosing the right personal trainer is really important.  You’ll see your trainer every week and chances are, you’ll spend more time with your trainer than with your friends. So it needs to feel fun. You might be thinking that exercise and fun don’t (or shouldn’t) really go together. If training was so much fun, you’d be doing it all the time, right? Ok, so the actual exercise part might be hard work but it’s possible to have fun too. My clients tell me they look forward to their session every week. So it can’t be that bad!  

With all that in mind, here’s a bit about how I work, so you can see if I’m a good fit for you. 

No shouting. Sorry.

First things first, I’m not a shouter. Army type orders are just not my style although you will get my full attention. I prefer gentle encouragement and hard work. It’s about finding what motivates you most.  

Outside. In all weathers.

I love being outside. I do work with some clients in the gym but I find fresh air just adds that extra feel-good to a workout. And exercise is all about feeling good. Otherwise, what’s the point? Plus, it’s surprising how motivating the cold can be…

Your imperfect match.

You might be relieved to know I’m not perfect. I love exercise and it’s an important part of my life but I’m not a workout-aholic. I enjoy life which means I sometimes overindulge. Yes, I’m the personal trainer you can enjoy a beer and a burger with (just not while training!)  

If you’d like to achieve results and have fun, let’s get things moving.   

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