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What To Expect

Handling hurdles. Overcoming obstacles.

Motivation, motivation, motivation.

We’ve all been there. A shiny new gym membership and all the gear. Fitness goals ready, schedule steady and off you go… Until something comes up. Time pressures, lack of energy, dark nights, kids’ commitments, an injury. Gradually your motivation fades and with it, your kit and membership card.

You’re not alone. Motivation is one of the main reasons for choosing to work with a Personal Trainer; that regular appointment (with a person not your calendar!) almost guarantees you’ll complete your workout. No excuses. No obstacles. Just one hurdle at a time towards long-term success. And a good PT knows how to get the best out of you even when you’re having a bad day! 

“I lack motivation but Rob’s relaxed style of encouragement has motivated me to train three times a week and achieve a level of fitness I never thought possible.”
Salma Carn

Preventing the plateau

My job is a challenging one. Literally. In our sessions, I’ll give you exercises that challenge your body (and mind) to stop training becoming stale and help you maintain motivation. I’ll also make sure you’re training at your optimum level to squeeze the most out of your precious time. 

And a variety of challenges is key. Varying exercises as well as locations keeps your programme fresh and flexible. So you’re constantly on your toes.  But you’ll be having so much fun, it’ll feel more like gentle encouragement (I promise).

Fine toning and fine tuning 

Monitoring development is an important part of working with a personal trainer. Tracking your improvement and assessing your progress provides opportunities to ‘fine tune’ your training so you get the most out of each session. And don’t worry, I take care of all the tracking so you have more time on the track.

“But I can’t run!” 

This is often the first thing people say to me when we meet. My reply? “Of course you can; it’s just a case of slowing down and taking it step by step.” And before you know it, you’ll happily be running for half an hour.

And if running’s really not for you, we’ll find something else that you love. It’s personal, which means it’s all about you. I design your exercise programme around your goals and your schedule, so your programme works as hard as you do; phew!

“Let Rob be your trainer! He’s the best! You’ll be amazed how much you will achieve without even realising it!”
Sarah Smith

Ready to get things up and running?  I’d love to get your goals on track. 

Call: 07970 881051


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