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Is Personal Training For Me?

Whatever your reason for choosing a personal trainer, Rob can supply the right level of motivation, expertise, variation and achievement to suit your goals. People decide to use a personal trainer for many different reasons, however, it usually falls withing one of these four categories;Motivation, Expert Guidance, a Varied Training program or you ultimately need the extra push to Achieve your goals.


The most obvious incentive for having a personal trainer is motivation, which is provided in two key ways. Firstly, a Personal Trainer will ensure that you work to your optimum level and secondly (when otherwise you may have made an excuse not to train) the fact that you have booked an appointment ensures that you will complete your workout. Personal training is invaluable for keeping you motivated over a period of time. The fact you are working alongside someone who understands your needs and knows how to get the best out of you is imperative to the long term success of your training.

Expert Guidance

A personal trainer can show you how to perform exercises and use equipment correctly. More importantly, they can advise you on what format your exercise regime should take. Everyone has different goals for their training, so each program will be tailored to suit your personal requirements, maximising the time you spend on your training.

Varied Training Program

Variation is another important factor you need to consider when exercising. It is important because it provides your body with different challenges that help prevent your progress from hitting a ‘plateau’. A variety of exercises will stop you feeling stale about your training and will maintain your motivation. Variation can also be extended to where you train. With a personal trainer, a successful training program can be carried out from home or at a gym. This allows you to fit your training into your lifestyle, giving you the flexibility to train within an environment that suits you.


Finally, monitoring your progress is an important part of working with a personal trainer. Tracking your improvement and assessing your progress provides opportunities for ‘fine tuning’ your training and allows you to concentrate on achieving your ultimate goals.

So, if any of the above resonates with you contact me now to discuss your fitness needs and start removing the obstacles getting in the way of you achieving your fitness goals.


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