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Personal Training for Weight Loss

Weight Loss

When I first speak to clients about what they are looking to achieve through Personal Training, the answer that comes back far more than any other is help to lose weight.

In many ways this is the easiest problem to resolve as there is no great mystery to it – burn more calories than you consume! Whilst this is true, clearly it’s not that easy otherwise 25% of the population wouldn’t be overweight.

The answer lies in getting the right balance between the exercise you do and what and how much you eat. I don’t believe you should be striving for the perfect, healthy diet. Life is here to be enjoyed. So by all means allow yourself to enjoy the food and drink you love, but do it in moderation. If you know you are eating the wrong things, identify your weaknesses and commit to changes. You don’t necessarily need to cut things out completely, but set a realistically acceptable level for weekly consumption.

From an exercise perspective anything is better than nothing, but walking the dog or a game of golf isn’t going to make a huge difference. A varied exercise programme, concentrating on cardiovascular exercise is the key. Time, frequency and intensity are the main things to focus on. For most people an hours session, three times a week is both an achievable aim and an amount that will deliver results. There are many different exercise programmes that will be effective, but you must be working at a level that is challenging and always aiming to improve on what you’ve achieved previously. Further or faster, further or faster is a useful mantra to use.


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