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Personal Training for Weight Loss

A weight off your mind

You want to lose weight. First things first; you’re not alone. When I ask clients what they’d like to achieve in our sessions, the most common response is to lose weight. 

In many ways, this sounds easy since there is very little mystery to the science; burn more calories than you consume. But we all know it’s not as simple as that.  

The answer is a question of balance. Between the exercise you love to do and what / how much you eat. Which is what you might expect.

Balance away from the scales

What you might not expect me to say is that I don’t believe you should strive for the perfect, healthy diet. Yes, you really did just read that (it wasn’t a figment of your hunger-induced imagination!). I firmly believe that life is to be enjoyed. And I’m not perfect either. I probably drink a little too much at the weekend and I’m sure I put more on my plate than I really need.  

With nutrition, moderation is key. If you know you eat the wrong things, identify your weaknesses and commit to small changes. You don’t necessarily need to cut things out completely, but you will need to be realistic about consumption. And it may surprise you to learn that I actively discourage using the scales every day. 

Whilst many clients start with a weight-based objective, it’s amazing how quickly it turns into a fitness goal. And once the focus is on fitness and wellbeing, clients find their clothes fit better, they look healthier and they have more energy. Which is a weight of their mind.    

“As an over-40s unfit person, I was unsure about personal trainers. I’m now three stone lighter and have a new lease of life!”
Greg Hartigan 

Further or faster?  

With exercise, anything is better than nothing. But, walking the dog or playing golf isn’t going to make a huge difference (sorry about that!) 

A varied programme, that concentrates on cardiovascular exercise is the key to success. Time, frequency and intensity are your friends (you’re all in this together!) 

For most people, one hour, three times a week is achievable and will deliver results. That doesn’t necessarily mean you need to train with me three times per week though. There are lots of different exercise programmes that will be effective, but you must be working at a level that challenges you and improves on previous achievements. In other words, you should always be going ‘further or faster’; a favourite mantra of mine.

“Rob has helped me lose weight and tone up. I lack motivation but Rob’s relaxed style of encouragement has motivated me to train three times a week and achieve a level of fitness I never thought possible.”
Salma Carn

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