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Get Back in Shape

When meeting clients for a consultation, many state ’I want to get back in shape’. The implications are obvious, at some point in the past they have felt good, happy with both their physique and level of fitness.

But something has changed leaving them feeling both down about their current situation and unsure how to get back into shape – to the time when they felt good. This of course can happen over a period of time as bad habits creep in, but often it’s as a result of a specific life event; baby, illness, new job, new relationship, etc.

When there has been a particular reason for a change, there is often a double impact, as whatever has caused fitness to decline, can also affect how you train moving forward.

Injuries are a common catalyst, not only can they prevent you training for a period of time, but when you are able to return to exercise, you may not be able to train in the way you had previously. Your training programme will need significant adaptions and modifications.

This is the reason why so many people find it so difficult, they are unsure what to do, what rate to progress and even whether they’re doing themselves more harm than good.

‘I started training with Rob in Oct 2011 as I was in a rut. I had a long term knee injury which physio hadn’t resolved. We focused on strengthening the muscles around my knee and generally building up my fitness. In June 2012 I competed injury free in the Great Midlands fun run and ran 8.5 miles in 64 minutes which is further and significantly faster than I have ever run before. I am very proud of this achievement.’ Marc Fennell, Sutton Coldfield

Pregnancy is another prime example, there are the obvious physical and time challenges. Clearly your body has gone through a number of massive changes; including weight gain and whilst this doesn’t necessarily impact on the type of training you can do, there is now the additional problem of when can you can train with a baby to look after, not to mention the fatigue! I’m speaking as a parent myself!

‘I asked for Rob’s help after my child was born because I wanted to become fit and I couldn’t run 100 yards but with Rob’s patience, persistence and encouragement I ran a half-marathon!’ Sarah Smith, Kingsbury

As a Personal trainer the challenges of developing the right programme for an individual taking into account all the various sticking points:

  1. working around injuries
  2. finding the right time to train
  3. motivating people who’ve lost their way.

All these obstacles are what make my job so rewarding. Helping people feel good about themselves again both physically and mentally is why Personal Training is a great job and an excellent investment for you.  Getting over these obstacles will help you get back in shape and back on track.

If you want to make a change and get back in shape, give me a call on 07970 881051 or contact me via email now.


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