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Get Back in Shape

Shaping your goals  

You want to get back in shape. Which means at some point in the past, you felt happy with your physique and fitness. And something has changed. Perhaps you feel nostalgic about an age when you could shift those pounds more easily. Or you remember a time when you could do more. Maybe you feel unhappy about your current situation but don’t know how to reverse it. 

Changes can happen over time as bad habits creep in. But often, it’s a result of a specific life event like a baby, an illness, a new job or a new relationship. Which can have a double impact; because whatever caused your fitness to decline, can also affect how you train in the future.


Injuries are a common conundrum. Not only do they prevent you from training, but when you do return to exercise, you may not be able to train the way you used to. Your training programme will need to adapt. But you might not know what to do, what rate to progress at and whether you’re doing yourself more harm than good. That’s where personal training can help.

“I had a long term knee injury which physio hadn’t resolved. Rob focused on strengthening the muscles around my knee and building up my fitness. 9 months later, I competed ‘injury-free’ in the Great Midlands fun run and was proud to run further and faster than ever before.”
Marc Fennell, 41

Pregnancy and Parenthood

Your body has been through a number of significant changes. You have very little time for yourself. And then there’s the fatigue (speaking as a parent myself!) All this means your training programme needs to work extra hard to fit around your needs as a Mum. Which is where I can step in.  

“I asked for Rob’s help after my child was born because I couldn’t run 100 yards but I wanted to get fit. With Rob’s patience, persistence and encouragement I ran a half-marathon!”
Sarah Smith, 50

It’s my job to help you feel good about yourself again, both physically and mentally. This is what makes my job so rewarding. As your Personal Trainer, I am committed to developing the right programme for you working around:

  • Injuries
  • Your available time to train
  • Your motivation

And before you know it, you’ll be jumping over those (metaphorical) hurdles in better shape than ever.

If you want to get back in shape or move forward with your fitness, get in touch

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