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Does exercise help to boost your immune system?

January, 2022

Exercising regularly has numerous short and long-term benefits such as helping you to lose weight, become more active, and it offers both physical and mental health advantages.

But what about your immune system?

There has been a lot of talk over the past year about our immune systems and how we can decrease the chances of picking up viruses and infections. However, can exercise help to fight off infections and boost your immune system?

Let’s find out.

It can reduce inflammation

Exercise does a great job at reducing inflammation in the body and this, in turn, helps to enhance your immune system.

Even just 20-minutes of moderate exercise can have an impact as it will start to produce an anti-inflammatory cellular response. Exercises such as walking can be incredibly beneficial, so don’t think you need to run 5k or work out strenuously at the gym.

Any kind of moderately intensive exercise can go a long way to reducing inflammation in your body which will help to boost your overall immunity.

Exercise helps with stress levels

Stress can have many negative consequences for your physical and mental health. Your immune system can suffer as a result of this and regularly high-stress levels can impair the ability of your immune system to work correctly.

This is where exercise comes in.

Exercise is a great method of reducing stress as it can not only distract you from the problems you are facing but it produces endorphins that will enhance your mood. Whether it is work, family, money, or life in general, exercise can lower your stress levels and help your immune system too.

Many people find that exercising while under stress and other pressure is a great release and can help bring about a more positive mindset.

Working out increases blood and lymph flow

Another way that exercise can boost your immune system is by increasing blood and lymph flow.

When you work out either in the gym, going for a run, or a brisk walk, the circulation of immune cells in your body is increased. This happens when your muscles contract and helps you to fight off infection.

Even a 45-minute strenuous walk has been shown to have an increase in immune cells for up to three hours after you have finished exercising. Some studies have also shown that doing aerobic exercises five days a week can reduce the chances of picking up infections such as the cold by 40%.

Exercise and your immune system

So, does exercise help to boost your immune system? Yes!

Working out and exercising on a regular basis has several many benefits to boosting your immune response. You don’t even need to start running marathons or spending hours upon hours in the gym. Even moderate exercise like walking can have a positive impact on your body’s ability to fight off infection.

If you want to start getting back in shape, enhancing your fitness, or working towards your next challenge, get in contact today.

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