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3 ways exercising and having a PT can improve your mental health

June, 2020

It has been well documented that physical exercise has a positive impact on mental health.

Many people exercise to improve their mental wellbeing without necessarily having a dedicated goal in mind or training for a specific event. While any kind of physical activity is great not just mentally but physically as well, having a personal trainer can also help to improve conditions such as depression and anxiety.

Here’s 3 ways a PT can improve your mental health.

#1 Making exercise accessible

For a lot of people taking the first step is the hardest. Whether it is going to the gym, going out for a jog or even doing some light exercise at home.

A personal trainer can make exercise accessible for people who are struggling to make the leap themselves.

This means things like creating training plans around their current level of fitness and what they want to achieve, motivation when their mood is low and offering a friendly and welcoming face so that working out doesn’t seem as daunting.

#2 Setting and achieving realistic goals

Training with a goal in mind has several benefits and one is that achieving your goals contributes to a positive mindset.

Many people don’t know what they are capable of. Some set goals that are wholly unrealistic for their current level of fitness and the timeframe they have allocated. This causes disappointment when they don’t reach their goal and can further impact their mental health.

With a personal trainer, realistic and achievable goals will be set. When these are met, it can have a big effect on someone’s mental health in a positive way. It also means that there is something to strive towards rather than exercising aimlessly without a specific goal in mind.

#3 Motivating you to succeed

Finally, whether you are aiming to lose some weight, exercising just to do something active or maybe you’ve even decided to take on a challenge, a PT can give you the motivation to keep going.

Training on your own, especially for people suffering from poor mental health, can be very difficult but a personal trainer can help.

With some motivation to help you to succeed, you’ll find that exercise isn’t something to be feared but rather something to look forward to.

Exercising and positive mental health

The link between physical activity and an increase in a positive mindset is clear.

The big issue for a lot of people is taking those first steps. While mental health awareness has come a long way in recent years, there is still a stigma attached to it in many places.

By using the services of a personal trainer, you can help improve both your physical and your mental health at the same time. By taking the first leap into physical exercise, setting realistic goals and receiving the motivation you need to achieve your objectives, working out can play a massive difference in helping to improve your life overall.

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