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Can music enhance your workout?

May, 2020

Exercising can be arduous at the best of times and if you are already struggling for motivation, doing it in silence probably isn’t going to spur you on.

Ever notice how most gyms have music on?

Well, there is a good reason for that. Music helps provide a distraction for your brain when you are exercising. It isn’t just the distraction that is important – although it usually takes the edge off having to do another 5k on the treadmill! – but it has several other benefits to working out.

Let’s find out if music can really enhance your exercise routine.

The physical effect

There has been quite a bit of research how music impacts exercising and it has been shown to have a positive effect on your physical performance.

Playing music when you are working out increases endurance and lessens fatigue so you can work out for longer. It helps distract you from the aches and pains you may experience when exercising.

If you normally work out with music on and then do it without any music you’ll notice a difference in your performance and also how you react mentally to exercise.

It elevates your mood

Exercising and using a personal trainer has many benefits and one of the big ones is that it improves your mental health.

While exercise on its own can bring about positive changes to your mental wellbeing, playing music while you exercise also has a positive impact. Music can increase your serotonin levels which directly affect your mood.

You are more likely to have a better workout and to feel good about what you are doing if you have music you like playing while you are doing it.

Syncing with your workout

Music also has the ability to sync with your exercise and improve coordination too.

If you have ever done a spin class you’ll know that most of the time songs are chosen so that they rise and fall in tempo which corresponds with your workout. Even if you aren’t doing spin, music can help you to focus on your exercise and you can sync your movements to the song.

This will help you to workout for longer and also to push yourself on so that you increase your endurance and lessen the impact of fatigue.

Music and your workout

Whether you are exercising to achieve a challenge, to lose some extra weight or simply because you want to improve your physical and mental wellbeing, music can play a big part.

You don’t often come across many gyms that are dead silent and there is a very good reason for that. While everyone is different, there is a lot of evidence to show the impact music has on exercise.

Music, whether it is over the speakers or if you have your own headphones in, can really help you to increase your workout. You’ll likely workout for longer, won’t notice the aches and pains that you normally would and by the end your mood will be improved as a result.

So, can music enhance your workout? The answer is a resounding yes.

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