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5 benefits of personal training in Sutton Coldfield

October, 2018

Having a personal trainer (or PT!) is the ‘in’ thing at the moment but getting someone to help you reach your objectives is far from a fad.

Personal trainers provide a valuable service.

In this weeks’ blog I am going to show you 5 benefits of personal training and why having a PT can make all the difference.

#1 Realise your fitness goals quicker

Having a personal trainer sets you on a regimented schedule so that you can achieve your objectives in a realistic timeframe.

We all have different goals whether it is climbing a mountain, running a marathon or even just getting rid of the extra pounds we put on over the winter. A personal trainer helps you to realise your fitness goals with a customised plan that is specific to you.

#2 Avoid niggling injuries

Injuries can have a real detrimental impact on how you train and how quickly you can reach your goals.

The problem for many people who start exercising by themselves is that continuing on with a niggling injury can not only delay your progress but have long-term repercussions as well. A PT can not only devise a training regime to reduce the likelihood of an injury occurring but manage it if you do pull or tweak something so you aren’t doing any more damage.

#3 Motivation, motivation, motivation

We’re getting into winter and how many of you just want to head home after work or spend that extra hour cosy in bed in the morning? This is where a personal trainer comes in.

Having someone pushing you on and holding you accountable are necessary for a lot of people. With a personal trainer you will be far more likely to exercise on those days where you really can’t be bothered.

#4 Set long-term habits

A personal trainer doesn’t have to be for life – although it certainly doesn’t hurt to have one in the long term!

With a PT you can set lasting exercise habits that will stand you in good stead for a healthy and fit future. Many people give up exercising when they do it on their own but by building up your knowledge about exercising, rest periods and schedules you can maintain your fitness years down the line.

#5 Prevent boredom and repetition

Finally, having a personal trainer means you won’t be doing the same exercises over and over again.

Running that same boring 5km stretch of road or using the same machines in the gym every week can get old fast. With a PT you will get a varied training plan that can incorporate one-off or new exercises as well to keep you interested in getting fit and staying fit.

Benefits of a person trainer in Sutton Coldfield

Using a personal trainer can provide great results in the short-term and set a long-term plan which will keep you fit and healthy well into the future.

In fact, having a personal trainer isn’t as expensive as you think and the benefits far outweigh any cost implications.

If you a struggling to reach your fitness goals, not sure what training plan you should stick to or if simply need a bit more motivation as we head into the cold dark winter months, get in touch today to see how I can help.

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