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2020 isn’t a write off – why you should still train for a challenge

August, 2020

2020 hasn’t exactly been the year that we were expecting.

With the COVID-19 pandemic and the lockdown across the UK, a large number of events that we would normally be gearing ourselves up for have been postponed or cancelled altogether.

The Great Midlands Fun Run for example has been cancelled while there is still debate going on around the London Marathon.

While most people have been tweaking their exercise regime so that they can workout at home, others have been left wondering if it’s even worth planning for an exercise goal this year.

So, should 2020 be considered a write off in terms of training yourself for a challenge? The short answer to that is NO – and this is why.

Focused training is better than random exercise

The thing about training with a goal in mind especially when you have a challenge ahead of you – whether that is running a marathon, 10k or climbing a mountain for charity – is that you are much more focused.

Any kind of exercise is good exercise. That being said, having a focused training plan will not only give you results quicker but it’ll give your workout some structure as well.

It also means that you’ll be more likely to set a few days a week for exercise rather than just doing it ‘now and again’. Even if many challenges and events are off this year, training and pretending that they are still going to happen will make your exercise a lot more focused and you’ll reach your fitness goals quicker too.

You can still achieve your challenge next year

Just because your local marathon or charity run isn’t going to happen until 2021, doesn’t mean that you should take this year off working out for it.

Training for a challenge even if it is going to be 12 months away or potentially even longer simply means you have more time to get in shape.

If you weren’t able to exercise properly during lockdown and the 10k you were hoping to run later this year isn’t happening, then you can spread your goals out over a longer time. For many people this can be a godsend if you were struggling to get in shape for something in 2020 – it means come 2021 you should be ready to conquer whatever challenge you have planned.

Using a PT to help you achieve your goals

The next few months still hold a great deal of uncertainty and some challenge events may well go ahead.

Even if they don’t, keeping up your fitness levels and working out with a challenge in mind (even if it is going to be next year until you can actually do it) will ensure your training regime is kept focused.

With a personal trainer can also have a personalised workout plan that is specific to whatever challenge you hope to achieve.

2020 isn’t a write off by any means and when it comes to exercise there is no reason you can’t keep fit and achieve your goals over the next 12 months.

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