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How to exercise when you have to stay at home

March, 2020

Now that we are a couple of weeks into the lockdown in the UK as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic, you’re probably starting to go out of your mind.

If you aren’t able to go out to work (perhaps you are working at home or currently off work completely), the novelty of having a few days in the house is probably wearing off. There is only so much Netflix, cleaning and baking you can do.

This is why it is important to exercise.

Even if your normal routine is messed up because you can’t get to the gym that doesn’t mean you can’t exercise at home. While we’re allowed one hour a day to go outdoors to exercise if we want, there are a ton of great things you can do without even leaving your house.

This is particularly useful if you’re self isolating because as we all know doing some exercise can drastically improve your mental health.

So, what can you do at home?

#1 Cardio is still possible

You don’t need a load of fancy gym equipment at home to still keep up a cardio routine.

There is an ideal 10-minute cardio workout that doesn’t require anything other than clearing a bit of space in your living room. With rocket jumps, star jumps, squats and burpees, you can keep up with your cardio fitness.

You can even do things such as:

  • Jogging on the spot
  • Rope jumps (if you have one or something else you can use)
  • Going up and down the stairs

With a bit of imagination you can make your living space really work for you.

#2 Find some exercise videos

The upside of self-isolating or being on lockdown in 2020 is that we have access to so much at our fingertips.

While just a couple of decades ago we’d have to dust off some fitness videos or wait for Mr Motivator to come on the TV (although he has made a comeback!), you can now find a ton of fitness videos online.

Working out with someone even through a YouTube video is likely to increase your motivation and it isn’t as ‘boring’ as simply doing it yourself. There are a lot of useful videos out there so fire one up on your TV or your phone and exercise at home.

#3 Build it into your routine

The more you integrate fitness and exercising into your everyday routine the more likely you will be to stick at it.

This can be a bit easier when you go to the gym because you set a time and a day that you go and it becomes a habit after a while. When you’re at home all day it is harder to get the motivation sometimes. Even if you do go out for a walk or a jog an hour per day, it is a good idea to keep up some of the exercises that I’ve listed so far.

Put them in at a set time everyday or every two days and it’ll just become part of your everyday routine. If anything it’ll help break the day up and you’ll feel good about yourself afterwards.

Exercising at home during the lockdown

These tips can be used at any time and not just during the COVID-19 crisis.

However, if you are feeling overwhelmed by constant bad news or missing seeing family and friends, exercising at home can lift your mood.

You don’t need a lot of fancy equipment to do it and if you build it into your everyday routine it’ll make staying in your home for the majority of the time a lot easier too.

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