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What vitamins and supplements promote muscle growth?

September, 2021

Building muscle isn’t as simple as hitting the gym and lifting weights a few days a week.

OK, weight lifting and balancing out your exercise regime is important, but sometimes you need to aid the process along.

Eating the right foods is an essential as the exercise you do, and I often get asked if any supplements or vitamins can boost fitness levels.

So, are there are vitamins and supplements out there that can help you to build muscle mass?

Vitamins and supplements that help muscle growth

Let’s look at some different vitamins and supplements that can help to aid muscle growth and get the gains you want.

Whey protein

Whey protein is one of the most common supplements that people take to help grow muscle. Protein is an essential nutrient to build muscle and whey protein contains a mixture of different proteins that are usually consumed before, during, or after a workout. If you want to build up muscle, whey protein is an ideal supplement to use.

Vitamin A and D

Vitamin A is essential for protein synthesis (this process is what repairs muscle after exercise), and it also helps to produce testosterone which is a muscle-building hormone. This vitamin also helps to boost your immune system and you can take vitamin A supplements or find it in food such as eggs, and many vegetables and fruits.

Vitamin D comes from UV rays from the sun; however, given we live in a fairly dull climate in the UK, many people turn to Vitamin D supplements to boost their levels. This vitamin has been shown to help with muscle-building performance.

Vitamin B12

Another essential vitamin for muscle growth is Vitamin B12 which you can find in eggs, dairy, meat, and fish. This vitamin helps muscle growth by producing more red blood cells which in turn provides more oxygen to your muscles.


Calcium is usually associated with bone health and while this is true, it is often overlooked as part of the muscle-building process. Calcium intake results in muscle contraction which helps to grow muscle. Milk is the obvious intake method. Most adults require 700 mg of calcium each day.


Magnesium is another supplement that helps with muscle contraction and it is also found to boost energy levels and reduce fatigue. A healthy intake of magnesium can help you to work out longer and negate the impact of cramps and other pains in your muscles.

Fish Oil/Omega 3

Lastly, we have Omega 3 fatty acids that you find in fish such as salmon and mackerel while there are many cod liver oil supplements available. Omega 3 prevents protein in your muscle from breaking down too quickly and it helps to promote protein synthesis too.

Remember, besides bulking up on your vitamins and following a dedicated exercise plan, you also need to factor in plenty of rest to help your muscles recover.

If you want some help and guidance on how to build muscle through a balanced exercise plan, get in touch.

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