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Train for a 10k with your own personal fitness coach

Find out how a personal trainer will give you the plan, knowledge and motivation to train for a 10k regardless of your current level of fitness.

A lot of people think that running 10k is a pipe dream.

After all, 10k (or just over 6 miles) is quite a distance if you haven’t done it before.

The good news is that even if you are out of shape and have never ran 10k in the past, with the help of your own personal fitness coach you can achieve this goal.

How Long Will It Take to Train For a 10k?

As a personal trainer, this question comes up a lot. The reality is that there isn’t really a ‘one size fits all’ answer.

It really depends on your current level of fitness as well as other factors.

For most people 8 – 10 weeks is a reasonable amount of time to train for a 10k with the help of a personal fitness coach. It might take longer than this or you might reach the desired level of fitness sooner – but with a fitness coach you get that added assistance to set you on your way and there are many reasons why a personal trainer can help.

Get a Bespoke Training Plan

Speed, endurance and recovery are the 3 things that a bespoke training plan focuses on.

The great thing about using a personal fitness coach is that you will get a personalised training schedule that suits you. A quick Google search brings up a lot of10k training plans however these aren’t unique to your physical status, circumstances or goals.

As a personal fitness coach who has trained countless people for 10k runs, I will create a training plan that will focus on improving your speed, maintaining endurance and making sure that your body is able to sufficiently recover as well.

What Else Can a Personal Fitness Coach Help With?

It isn’t just a personalised plan that a fitness coach can aide with if you want to get up to the required level to run 10k.

Many people make the mistake of continuing training when they pick up small injuries. These niggles can have a big impact on your performance and can often lead to bigger problems. A personal fitness coach will advise you about when you should train and when you should rest to let these injuries subside.

The food you eat will also determine how quickly you get up to 10k standard and I can ensure that you get the right nutritional intake for peak performance.

Train for a 10k with your own personal fitness coach

You aren’t going to go from a sitting on the sofa to running 10k overnight. It takes time, effort and a lot of dedication even if you do have a reasonable level of fitness.

With your own personal fitness coach, you can put yourself on the right track to running 10k.

Regardless of whether you have a decent level of fitness or you are starting from scratch, I can help you to reach your goals.  With a dedicated training plan, motivation, nutritional information and expert knowledge you will be able to complete a 10k run in no time.

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