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Time for a Fresh Start

September, 2014

With September’s arrival our attitude and mind-set start to change. We’re into the last throws of summer (hopefully!) the kids have gone back to school and life returns to a more settled pattern following summer holidays, etc. So now is a great time to step back, revaluate where you are and set some new goals.

September is synonymous with new beginnings. What better time to focus on how you see you, your fitness and your health moving forward and what you need to do to achieve it. From a Personal Training perspective this is always a busy time of year as people commit to making changes.

People’s motivation for contacting me, a Personal Trainer, fall into one of these three categories; to lose weight, get fit for a challenge and get back into shape.

The desire to lose weight is certainly the most common reason people come to me for Personal Training. Your waistline may have increased on your summer holiday, the kids being off school may have affected your training and with Christmas hovering on the horizon, now is a great time for a fresh start. September is a great time to be out and about training in Sutton Coldfield. Sutton Park for example, is suddenly much quieter with schools being back.

Now is also a great time to set yourself a challenge and start training for it. Sutton Coldfield is home to many great events held in Sutton Park including the 7 Pools run, Great Midlands Run (Sutton Fun Run) and City of Birmingham Triathlon. Whatever event you choose, it should be something you’re passionate about completing, you need to give yourself enough time to prepare and you need to be following a specifically tailored training programme.

There are many reasons for wanting to get back into shape: recovery from injury, learning how to adapt training around health issues and getting your body back following pregnancy are just a selection of reasons why my Personal Training clients have come to me.

So, whatever your motivation to make a healthier, fitter version of you, now is the time to decide what you want, set yourself some goals and start making them a reality.

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