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The Sutton Coldfield Great Midlands Fun Run

May, 2016

It’s that time of year again!  The time when if you’ve entered yourself into the Great Midlands Fun Run in Sutton Coldfield; your information pack will be landing on your doorstep.

So, how are you feeling?  Ready?  Nervous?

If You’re Ready…

Ideally you will have been training for a while and you’ll just be coming up to the time to start tapering?  Remember what that means?

It’s the couple of weeks before your big event when you should actually start to reduce the amount of miles that you’re running.  Does that sound counterintuitive to you?  Trust me, having been a personal trainer for over fifteen years and completing various fitness challenges myself, I know this to be the case.

For the Great Midlands Fun Run, a run of 8.5 miles you have probably been running fairly long distances to prepare for the event.  The principle of tapering is that in the weeks leading up to the event you reduce your miles by around 30% each week and down to 50% the week before the event.  This allows your muscle glycogen stores to restore themselves to their peak level ensuring that on race day you are feeling as strong and as ready as you’ll ever be.

Everyone’s training plans will have been slightly different.  As a local Sutton Coldfield personal trainer I have helped lots of clients to successfully prepare for the Great Midlands Fun Run.  If you would like specific information to aid your preparation feel free to give me a call.

And… If You’re Not Quite Ready

That was the ideal scenario.  What about if, when you open that information pack, you feel like screaming in panic and bailing out?

Well, don’t!  Remember, it’s a FUN run.  Just go for it, go and have fun.

7,000 people take part in the Great Midlands Fun Run in Sutton Coldfield each year.  Not all of them are fast, by any means.  Some will run, some will walk.  Some will be head-to-toe in fancy dress.  People with all abilities will be taking part.  So, stop; and take a minute to remind yourself why you decided to enter in the first place.  Are you raising money for a charity?  Did you want to challenge yourself?  Let this be the start.  You can do it!

If you haven’t done the preparation that you imagined you’d do, there’s still time.  I’d just advise that you go about preparing for it in a different way.  Use the next couple of weeks to get your body moving and used to the extra physical activity.  Contact me to discuss ways to quickly give your body the best chance of succeeding at your challenge.

…Or if You’re Not Even Close

The Great Midlands Fun Run is a fantastic event.  With thousands of spectators there to cheer on the 7,000 participants the atmosphere is amazing.  If you feel like you could do with a little motivation to kick-start your fitness and well-being I recommend that you come and watch the Fun Run for yourself.  Witnessing all sorts of people, old and young, is inspirational.

Take a look at how having guidance from a personal trainer can take you from where you are now to where you want to be.  And then for next years’ Great Midlands Fun Run you could be running too.
To take advantage of my years of experience in getting yourself ready for all types of fitness events call me on 07970 881 051.


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