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The Importance of Training your Core

In recent years you will have heard Personal Trainers talking a lot about the importance of training your core. People have said to me ‘isn’t this just a fad?’ or ‘core training is just a fancy way of saying ab work’. No, core training is not a fad and whilst it includes abdominal work, there is much more to it than that, so rest assured it’s here to stay and this is why.

The core is actually made up of three areas: the abdominals, the side muscles (obliques) and a very deep layer of muscles. This deep layer of muscles is the area where we really want to target in order to achieve a lot of the benefits. As well as tightening your muscles to make you look slimmer, they stabilise and support your lower back, taking pressure off the back and making you less likely to suffer from back pain; both now and in the future.

Another area you will also see significant benefits, is in balance, coordination and flexibility. The increase in flexibility is an improvement many of my Personal Training clients notice and comment on and comes as a result of stabilising the lower back, removing stress and tension, thus allowing your muscles to work through a greater range of motion.

There are some other advantages that many people wouldn’t think of such as improved lung capacity. The core muscles are connected to the diaphragm, enhancing your ability to inhale and exhale fully and as we know this increase in lung capacity allows us to perform better, compete in and complete more fitness challenges.

So no matter what you are training for, core exercises should become part of your exercise and training. The benefits are endless, whether you want to have a flatter looking stomach, taking pressure off and looking after the long term health of your back, or improving your performance in the sports you play, due to an increase in balance, coordination and flexibility. So if you aren’t training your core already, speak to a Personal Trainer and find out what exercises you could be doing.

Start working that core and you’ll keep your fitness and training moving forward!


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