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Take It Outside!

No more excuses: spring is here – take your fitness outside! We’ve survived the winter, the cold, and more importantly the long dark evenings. Now is the time to freshen up your running gear, pump up your bike tyres and dust off your kettle bells! Whatever your mode of fitness – get your training outside – make use of all the places that, for many reasons, cannot be used during the winter months: canal paths, local parks, reservoirs etc. Hop onto Google and check out what’s on your doorstep – I bet you have some hidden training gems you don’t even know about.

Here are some motivating reasons to get your fitness outdoors:

    • The air is fresher outside – obviously! A large number of adults spend at least 5 hours a day inside (are you one of them?) at their place of work and maybe all night in at home. Outside there are no dust particles or static, so let the fresh air clean your lungs. Improve your mental well-being as well as your physical.
    • Exercising outside is much more invigorating than training inside the gym. Firstly, think of the outdoor location you’d be training in. Your local park (hopefully!) is full of trees, greenery, interesting pathways, perhaps even a duck pond. We’re lucky in our local area, we have Sutton Park on our doorstep which is heaving with all different types of fauna and flora – we even have Exmoor ponies which I see on many of my client runs!
    • Any training program can be done outside with little or no equipment. This is one of the excuses I hear the most for not training – I don’t have the equipment I need. As far as Personal Trainers are concerned; all you need for a productive training session are a good pair of trainers. Anything else is just a bonus.
    • Train in whatever exercise format keeps you motivated: in parks or out running through your local streets, join an outdoor class or group activity or keep up momentum and motivation with a Personal Trainer who will keep your weight loss on track, get you back into shape or keep you moving forward with a challenge you’ve always wanted to achieve.

Whatever your reasons for keeping fit or getting fit in 2015, today is a new day, so take it outside!

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