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Start the Year Strong with a Personal Trainer

At the start of January were you full of good intentions that 2017 was the year you become fit and healthy?

The new year is now well underway, but when the weather is dull and dreary and your bank balance is looking a little worse for wear, keeping your goals in focus can be much harder than you imagined.

If exercise has been a regular part of your life but you’ve had time off over Christmas, trying to resume your fitness routine can come as a shock.  What you were managing all of a sudden feels hard, so it is easy to lose motivation.

If you’re starting a fitness plan for the very first time, sticking to it can seem extremely daunting.

But don’t despair and don’t give up.  It’s what you do now that counts.  Give yourself a strong start to the year with the assistance of a local personal trainer in Birmingham.

Three simple reasons why having a personal trainer is the key:

  • Someone to train with
  • Builds consistent exercise habits
  • Learn from an expert to maximise results

Don’t allow yourself anymore excuses.  Even if your finances took a bit of a hit over Christmas you don’t have to delay.  Rob Whalley is a personal trainer in Birmingham who offers free consultations and tasters sessions.

Rob will set you a personal training plan to suit your needs.  One that is achievable and will deliver results.  Not only will you have the obligation of meeting with your personal trainer to keep you on track but his expertise will give you a good foundation for exercise throughout the whole year.

Your Birmingham personal trainer, Rob, will give you one key to success right from the outset.  He’ll teach you how to develop your core strength.  What exactly is core strength and why is it so important?

Your core muscles are your lower back, hips, abdomen and pelvis.  Training and strengthening these core muscles gives you increased balance and stability making everyday activities more comfortable and further exercise much easier.

So being taught how to develop your core strength by a personal trainer will make any subsequent exercise you do much more effective.

Putting these basics into place will help you to cement good habits.  You’ll be feeling fitter and have more energy, which will motivate you to set even higher goals for yourself.

As a Personal Trainer in Birmingham, many of Rob’s clients in and around the area of Birmingham and Sutton Coldfield enjoy training outside, as they find it extremely energising.  Particularly as the days begin to grow longer, we are lucky to be able to take advantage of Sutton Park which is the perfect setting for a personal training session.

If you live in Birmingham or Sutton Coldfield and would like to try a personal training taster session for yourself, give Rob a call on: 07970 881 051


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