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Spring into Action and Lose Weight

We are now roughly one quarter of the way through the year, so it is a good time to take a moment to assess your progress towards the goals that you set yourself for 2017.


The great thing about a personal evaluation in Spring is that it still gives you plenty of time to reach your goal in time for the summer.  With the added bonus that the longer days and warmer weather spurs you into action.


For most people, the initial reason to get into fitness is to lose weight.  So, how is that going for you?


If you haven’t achieved what you’d hoped for so far, don’t despair.  Perhaps you need to tweak your goals.  Maybe you need to make them more specific?


For example; if you say to yourself, I want to lose weight for the summer.  How exactly do you plan to do that?


It may not even be enough to say I want to lose xx number of pounds/kilos and I’m going to do that by cutting out chocolate.


If weight loss is your goal then ask yourself why?  Why do you actually want to lose weight?  Perhaps what you really want is to look good in your summer clothes and feel good about your body?

‘But to do that I need to lose weight’, I hear you say.  Well, it’s possible that weight loss comes into it.  But if you pinpoint your goal specifically your challenge becomes less about weight loss (and some supposed magic number on the scales) and more about the activities needed to achieve that goal.

We know that muscle weighs more than fat so why do we still get fixated over incremental weight loss?  Let’s switch our focus to getting fit and your body will lose weight if it needs to.

Can’t Do It Alone – Don’t Do It Alone

It could be that you need someone to give you a boost in the right direction towards reaching those goals.

Everyone’s path to getting fit will be different.  That is why when I work alongside someone as their personal trainer the plan is completely tailored to the individual.  I look at your starting point and question your goals (even if you do just tell me that your goal is weight loss).

Together we plan a programme of exercise and healthy eating that will refine your lifestyle to maximise your results.  It will accelerate your performance so that you will achieve your goals in the shortest possible time.  Being fit in time for summer really is a reality.

Right now, is a great time of year to start.  You can say goodbye to the dreary gym and the treadmill and we can head outside.  Seeing lots of other people running and riding bikes through Sutton Park can be a real encouragement for you to keep going.

You might find that you start enjoying yourself so much that you want to join in the Sutton Coldfield Fun Run or the Triathlon that is held in Sutton Park.  Signing yourself up to a challenge is a fantastic way to keep you focused whilst at the same time having fun.

Even if that’s not for you, I can guarantee that you will find your personalised fitness plan, to develop a strong and fit body, challenging and engaging.

From a starting point of wanting to losing weight; will you look good?  Yes.  Will you feel great?  Definitely.

To find out more about a personal goal assessment and to discuss the benefits of training with a personal trainer locally call: 07970 881 051.


Rob – Personal Trainer, Sutton Coldfield.

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