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Setting New Year Fitness Goals

December, 2014

If you always make New Years fitness resolutions and by the end of January they’re a distant memory, no need to berate yourself or give up – only 8% of people actually achieve them. So how do those 8% do it? Here are 4 simple golden rules to follow and be assured if you stick to these, you will achieve your fitness goals.

Make sure they are S.M.A.R.T – when setting your fitness or training goals; although they are completely personal think about them in a professional sense, imagine you are thinking through a work related issue. What specifically do you want to achieve? Lose 2 stone in 3 months, by running or exercising twice a week. How will you measure you’re on track for achievement? Have you set yourself a deadline?

Be Realistic – You must be realistic about your fitness goals; one of the most common New Year resolution mistakes. Avoid it! Don’t suddenly believe your personality is going to change and your existing lifestyle will suddenly allow you to exercise every day and become a fitness guru. How many times will your current work/life balance allow you to exercise? By starting off with twice a week, an hour each time, will give you and your body the fitness jump start it needs to achieve your goals

Make it tangible – Write your goal down, in the here and now, with a deadline attached to it. For Example; it is now Friday March 31st and I weigh ***** this now enables me to fit into the clothes I want to wear and I look and feel fantastic. Place this written out goal somewhere you will see every day, keep reading it and attach a picture or image to it that is both compelling and exciting to you. Keep moving this goal around, place in your bag, purse/wallet, car; so that you keep seeing it afresh.

Keep it Simple& Fun – Gyms are not for everyone and don’t fall into the January gym membership trap. There are loads of great places local to Sutton Coldfield and Birmingham that offer all the equipment you and your fitness goals need. We have the biggest park in the whole of Europe with Sutton Park on our doorstep, with loads of different running routes you can take to keep your training fresh and interesting. Local village parks are now offering training equipment, free to use, no need to book; Curdworth Village, Edgbaston Resevoir and Aston Park to name a few. Check out Birmingham City Council’s website, Be Active for your nearest Active Park.

Keep believing – It’s very easy to miss a training session and then fall into the trap of ‘well I’ve missed one, that’s it…’ Stop. Pick yourself back up and get back out there. One missed session, a failure does not make! You can achieve your fitness goal, share it with a trusted friend or family member and see what you can do to help each other with achievement. Once you’ve shared it, this will give you extra motivation to go out and achieve.

Good luck and if you want to seek advice on achieving your fitness or training goals please get in touch.


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