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Selecting the Best Personal Trainer in your area

Sutton Coldfield and Birmingham are surely the best places to be your own, or have, a Personal Trainer. Whatever your motivation to be your own, or find yourself the best Personal Trainer, find out what’s going on in your local area first, to help you decide how and where you’d like to train, so you can incorporate your local area into your workout.  Here are a few reasons to get your running kit on in my local area:

Sutton Park – always has to go at the top of ‘Best places to train’ list. It really is a great space, with loads of variety throughout the park, sturdy roads, a huge variety of off-road trails, you can run a lot of miles staying in the park without retracing your steps. There are some tough hills (think cardiac!) for those who need/want a challenge. With many years of experience I know all the best routes to get you the results you’re after.

Lots of local, great events – The Great Midlands Fun Run, Birmingham Half Marathon, City of Birmingham 5k and 10K, City of Birmingham Triathlon, 7 Pools Run, Race for Life (the latter events in Sutton Park). I’ve trained myself and many others for all of them. They are great for motivating you to train, get you in shape and for challenging you to meet health and well-being goals. Not to mention fun and whilst you’re helping yourself, you’re more than likely helping others too.

Great local sports shops – The Sutton Runner, based in Boldmere, Sutton Coldfield. It offers a great range of trainers and clothing with expert advice on footwear dependent upon your gait, terrain you train on and injuries you may have had. It’s also a great opportunity to support a long standing local business.

Outdoor gyms – these are dotted around in many locations now. They offer a different kind of workout, primarily using your own bodyweight as resistance. You can use these gyms as a session on their own or great to combine them with a run, walk or bike ride. There is an outdoor gym in Sutton Coldfield, in the New Hall Valley. I also use the one in Redhouse Park, Great Barr and Curdworth Park.

The excuses for not exercising are now becoming very slim!

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