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Personal training for rehabilitation from an injury

August, 2019

Getting fit again after suffering an injury can lead to a lot of frustration.

Depending on the extent of the injury you may have lost quite a bit of your previous fitness level. For example, if you’ve been in a cast for 6 weeks or not being able to exercise much for a period of time.

It doesn’t even need to be a serious injury like breaking your leg or tearing a ligament. Even strains and sprains can mean that you aren’t able to train effectively.

Many people lose their confidence or are unsure if it is even safe for them to hit the gym or try to go for a run.

So, how can a personal trainer help when it comes to injury rehabilitation?

Personal Training or Physiotherapy?

There is often a misconception about whether or not you need personal training or your need physiotherapy. The two are quite different or rather they have a different focus.

With physiotherapy the goal is to assess your injury and get you on the path to ensure that it heals properly. For instance, if you break a leg then a physio will give you exercises to get it bending again or to put weight on it. The idea is to help with your immediate recovery and to help prevent the injury from recurring again in the future.

With a personal trainer you will be focusing more on building up your fitness. This is particularly important if you have lost a lot of your fitness due to not being able to exercise for a period of time.

The route that many people take if they have suffered a serious injury is go to a personal trainer once they have been discharged from physio.

Getting your own tailored routine

The great thing about using personal training for rehabilitation from an injury is that you get your own training routine.

In fact, you can even get a personalised home based training routine too.

If you are trying to improve your fitness after suffering an injury then having a PT create a regime for you to follow can be massive help. It will assist you to return to your previous level of fitness and your personal trainer will work around your injury and ensure that you aren’t at risk of aggravating it.

Personal training for rehabilitation from an injury

Having a personal trainer after you have suffered an injury can really aide your recovery.

While you may need a physiotherapist in the immediate aftermath of your recovery especially if it is serious one, a personal trainer can work with you after you have finished with the physio to get your fitness level back again. Even if your injury isn’t one that requires a physio, you can still make use of a PT.

By using a personal trainer you can get your own training routine and work with an expert who will help you to improve your fitness over a period of time. Recovering from an injury isn’t easy so get in touch and start the road to improving your fitness today.

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