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Overweight? How to Start Exercising…

If you know that you are overweight you probably also know that to become healthier you need to start to exercise.  You may have been told that you must start exercising by your Doctor.  But where should you begin?

It is never easy to start out with a new exercise regime and it can feel even harder if you’re overweight.

Exercise classes tend to be aimed at people who already have moderate fitness levels and walking into a gym full of skinny people wearing lycra can make you feel like giving up before you’ve even begun.

So start from a different perspective.  Forget the standard advice of three half-hour aerobic sessions per week.  That is not realistic and could even be dangerous for you.

Start slowly.  Start realistically.

No-one expects to be able to do something difficult straight away.  Take learning to drive for example.  You start with the basics – accelerating and braking, and steering the car.  It’s expected that you make a few mistakes at the outset.  But you don’t give up.  You keep doing the basics and eventually you build on that and learn more.

It’s the same with starting to exercise – it’s difficult.  So don’t expect too much of yourself at first.  Expect to have bad days and allow yourself mistakes but don’t give up.  Because starting to exercise is the same as learning to do anything else; it gets easier as you go on.

Have FUN when you start to exercise


Find something that you enjoy doing that gets you moving.  What do you like doing?  Walking?  Swimming?  Gardening?  Dancing?  Playing table tennis?  The point is to do something fun – not exhausting.  If you find the activity mentally and emotionally rewarding as well as physically beneficial it is more likely that the exercise will become a habit.

Walking is a great way to start exercising because almost anyone can do it and it is great for you.  If you have a dog or a friend to join you take them along too.  You can encourage each other.

Set yourself a goal.  Perhaps start with walking for 10 minutes every day.  If you find that you’re excessively out of breath, stop after five minutes and rest for a moment and then continue for another five.  The key is; something is better than nothing. 

Build small changes of habit into your daily life.  For example, park your car further from the entrance and walk up at least one flight of stairs rather than taking the lift.  Then, even on days that you don’t quite manage your daily walk, at least you’ve done more than you used to do.  These small things will give you the motivation to keep going.

Start small and step up from there 

Setting out your goals and monitoring your progress is a great way to keep you motivated and make real habit-forming changes in your life.  You can easily track your progress by using a step-counter or keeping a journal.

But don’t get obsessive with the results.  Your progress comes in more ways than weighing less on the scales.  After sticking with your new exercise plan for a while you may be observing all kinds of benefits:  weight loss, inch loss, increased endurance, higher energy levels, less pain and better sleep.  Record how you’re feeling to spur you on.

Having someone with you on your journey is a real boost.  Using the expertise of a personal trainer could be just the thing you need to get you started out on the right foot with exercising.  Health concerns are an extra reason to exercise safely.

Rob Whalley is a personal trainer based in Sutton Coldfield near Birmingham.  He has over 16 years’ experience of working with people wanting to lose weight or who want to start exercising again after sustaining an injury. Rob can tailor a programme specifically to you, including any advice you have from a Doctor.   He will be able to help you start exercising in a way that you will be able to stick with.  Building healthy habits that will change your life.

If you would like more advice on starting to exercise or about weight loss you can get in touch with Rob for a free consultation by calling 07970881051.


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