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Motivation for winter training

May, 2014

As we move into February for many the New Year enthusiasm has tailed off and the realisation that motivating yourself to train in the cold, dark and wet of winter can be difficult!

Part of the mental battle, however, is to turn those adverse conditions into your favour. Think about the additional sense of satisfaction and achievement when you come in from a run in the rain after a long day at work, knowing that most people will have been sat on the sofa watching EastEnders, dunking biscuits in their tea! This may sound flippant as an experienced Personal Trainer, but the truth: people do always find it hard to go out after work and do look for an excuse not to train. The fact that it’s cold and dark will stop many well intentioned people from going out, so imagine how great you’ll feel stepping into a hot shower having been out there and conquered the elements.

So without the help of a Personal Trainer think of ways to make it easier for yourself; 1) wear bright, luminous clothing, not just to make yourself visible and safe, but to embrace the ‘look good, feel good’ motto. Conditions outside might look horrible, but by looking and feeling great, you’re getting the right training mindset for the challenge ahead.
2) If you prefer to run off road, then the dark needn’t stop you either. Throughout the winter as a Personal Trainer, I continue to run after dark in Sutton Park and Newhall Valley in Walmley, by simply using a head torch. The paths and tracks are even and a half decent head torch will provide plenty of light to run at your usual pace. For me and my Personal Training clients, certainly a more enjoyable experience than running on and trying to cross busy roads.
3) Finally use the hot shower as your motivation. Any Personal Trainer will tell you the wetter and muddier you are when you get back, the more satisfying the shower will be when you get in it.
So, look good get yourselves out there, Sutton Coldfield has so many great places to run and you’ll certainly feel great when you’re done!

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