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Motivation for Fitness

So, you haven’t trained for a while and you feel like you’ve a mountain to climb.

It can be even more challenging at this time of year, the summer holidays and threat of wearing shorts are long behind us. You don’t know what to do or where to start. Let’s think about how to avoid hiding away in thick baggy winter clothes before we really need to! Where do you find the motivation to start with your fitness?

Think about (and write down – you’re 42% more likely to achieve a goal that’s written down) some small attainable goals. Maybe 2 short walks a week – find a destination, i.e. a walk to the shops, end of your road, to the post box etc. The first goal is to make your fitness part of your routine, in whichever way you can.

Buy some new kit – a nice new pair of trainers or new leggings/loose bottoms will be surprisingly motivational. No digging out your old fitness kit from 5 years ago. Invest your money and time in freshening up your fitness wardrobe. This will give you much needed accountability with the added bonus of making you feel better too.

Confide in someone you trust of your new fitness goals. Tell a friend, partner, family member, or indeed someone outside of your personal life; for example, a Personal Trainer. But, don’t tell the world, too much pressure can have an adverse effect.

Not to worry if you have little niggles when you’re starting your fitness, it’s normal. Anyone who trains regularly knows the feeling. Your knee twinges, your back is tight, your muscles are sore etc. No need to feel put off or feel it’s only you – everyone is the same. There are only two things to worry about; something that is painful or is worsening over time. Obviously if you haven’t trained for a while your muscles will be sore afterwards – again, normal. Rest for a couple of days and you’ll be back to normal and after a couple of weeks your body will be used to it and will get stronger.

Many people give up in the first two weeks (it’s why gyms have a massive influx at the start of January and tails off by February). Keep with your fitness goals. Results aren’t instantaneous and fitness can make you feel sore and stiff. Get beyond that and you will start to reap the rewards. You will feel stronger, fitter and healthier.

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