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Love your Body; 5 Top Tips to Maintaining Motivation & Momentum

In the month of Love, let’s start by focussing on loving you and your body first and foremost. Most people who see a Personal Trainer are training because they want to love the body they’re in, they want to maintain their motivation and momentum. You may have started well in January and by February your training and general motivation is already starting to wane. If this is you, read on for 5 easy tips to keep your fitness on track.


#1 The 4 S’s: Set Small Stepping Stone targets – For example, if you’re planning to complete the Sutton Fun Run – build up your distance by 1 mile per week, always run faster or further than you did last time. If your health goal is weight loss – choose 1 thing each week that’ll improve your diet and nutrition e.g. cut out crisps, drink 1 more glass of water per day, no sugar on your cornflakes. I promise you’ll barely miss the once ‘treats’, but you will notice a major impact on your body and general well-being.


#2 Re-evaluate your progress & goals – knowing where you’re at and knowing where you want to get to is the first rule. Write down your goals, this is more likely to keep you realistic about what you want to achieve and by when.


#3 Share your Goals – with people you know who will be a positive influence, friends, family, personal trainer. Once you’ve shared your fitness goals it’ll keep your training on track. You will not want to answer in the negative when your positive influencers are asking how your training is going. It’s a simple but very very effective tip to keep you motivated!


#4 Record your Statistics – In line with your training or health goals write down what you’re achieving on each session or what you’ve cut out or improved regarding your diet. Two reasons for this, just by writing it down will keep you motivated, kind of like ticking off a to-do list. Stick it somewhere prominent or useful – on the fridge or chocolate cabinet! Plus, by making a note of your improvements you will be clear on whether you’re improving and what if anything else you need to do to keep getting fitter, more weight loss, more tone *insert your fitness goal as appropriate*.


#5 Commit to training on specific days and times rather than twice or 3 times a week – it’s far more definitive and you’re far more likely to do it. You’ll arrange your diary or other commitments around your training if they’re on set days and times. This way you may also find training buddies or fall into patterns with other regulars on your circuit.


So, 5 simple steps or patterns of behaviour to get into to make your training, fitness and weight loss easier and work better for you; a way of life rather than a chore. Get in touch if you’d like to find out how Personal Training could work for you.





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