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Indoor v outdoor personal training – what is best?

July, 2020

Using the services of an experienced personal trainer can do wonders for your fitness and help you to reach your goals.

Whether this is getting back in shape (especially post-lockdown!) or training for a big challenge that is on the horizon, having expert advice and a tailored exercise regime will yield much better results than taking this on by yourself.

One question I come across quite a lot is whether training outdoors is better than exercising indoors. There are definitely pros and cons to both so let’s look at each one to find out what is better.

Indoor exercise with a personal trainer

When we think about training indoors we usually conjure up an image of the gym and in the vast majority of cases this is correct.

Using the gym with a PT has several benefits. Not only does it give you access to different types of equipment so you can have a varied exercise programme but it is also ideal for many people due to the temperamental climate we have in the UK. While running in the pouring rain sounds great to some people, for a lot of gym goers the prospect of exercising in the cold and wet weather isn’t that appealing.

Training indoors with a PT is perhaps more ideal in the Autumn/Winter months and it also gives you access to different types of exercise equipment.

Hitting the great outdoors with your PT

That being said, there are many positives to training outdoors with a PT.

I looked at some benefits of training outdoors previously in this blog. Not only has it been proven to have a positive impact on your mental health and as you are getting fresh air and can enjoy the great outdoors while boosting your fitness but an increase in vitamin D from the sun (during the better months of the year) has physical benefits too.

Training outdoors does have some drawbacks such as the weather and depending where you live, it can be tough finding a good spot to go for a run or workout. However, if you don’t want to pay out for an expensive gym membership then personal training outside is a great option.

What works best?

Much of this is going to come down to personal preference and circumstance.

Many people just prefer the gym or an indoor space to exercise. It shields us from the bad weather, gives you access to different exercise equipment and in many cases it provides a mental place to work out. If you associate a particular spot with working out then you’ll likely be in more of a focused frame of mind when you are there.

However, training outdoors has benefits too especially when it comes to mental health.

Personally I think using a PT outdoors can not only be beneficial from a cost point of view but you can also discover parts of your local area that you never knew existed. Sutton Park is a prime location for exercising whether it is jogging or even taking a walk and if you haven’t done much outdoor exercise then I suggest giving it a shot.

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