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How to balance work and exercise with a personal trainer

November, 2018

The one thing that I hear time and time again from people is that they “don’t have enough time to work out”.

Most of us all have busy lives. Between our jobs and our personal stuff, how do we find the time to train and exercise on a regular basis?

Balancing work and exercise is difficult but it is not impossible. I am going to show you 3 ways in which you can incorporate a solid fitness regime into your schedule so that you stick to it not just in the short term but over a longer period too.

Aim to train before work – if possible!

You keep telling yourself throughout the day that you will go the gym straight after work. 10am “I’m absolutely going to the gym after work.” 2pm “I wonder if I could just go tomorrow instead?” 5pm “I’ll definitely go to the gym tomorrow!”

Sounds familiar?

I come across this all the time. Training before you go to work (if possible!) is a far more effective approach. Not only are you getting it ‘out of the way’ and you can continue with the rest of your day but it also gives you more energy and helps with stress reduction too. This leads us onto the next where if you get into the habit of exercising first thing in the morning then it can lead to positive changes in your everyday life…

Turn training into a permanent lifestyle change

It is said that if you do something for 21 days then it becomes a habit. OK, this has been disputed down the years however the more often you do something the higher chance you have that it will turn into something you do all the time.

Whether it is getting up earlier to hit the gym, seeing your PT after work or spending your lunch hour going for a brisk walk – the more you do it the more it will stick into your daily or weekly routine.

Exercise and getting back in shape doesn’t happen in a day, week or even a month. It is a long-term goal and you will only be successful if you incorporate it into your everyday life.

A personal trainer can be the motivation you need

There are many benefits to having a personal trainer and for most people having someone to motivate them and ensure they are following a regimented workout are the top reasons.

Striking that balance between work, enjoying what you normally do in your personal life and exercise can be hard. You might not have a whole lot of free time to work out.

By exercising at a set time every day or every week you will turn this into a habit and eventually a positive lifestyle change. With the help of a personal trainer you will not only strike an effective balance between working and exercising but get a set routine that will allow you to reach your fitness goals too.

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