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What the Gym’s don’t want you to know…

Home-based training programs, for today’s busy professionals, are so much more effective than working out in a gym. Think about it; firstly, you’re looking for a convenient location to train, tailored to your fitness goals. Home based training programs are written and developed with not only your fitness needs and requirements in mind, but also take into account all other aspects of your personal and professional needs: location dictated by you. Not to mention the commitment you feel towards your training and fitness goals when you have a session booked with your Personal Trainer. Unlike the gym membership, your booked session stops you coming up with the usual excuses you convince yourself of: too busy, too tired…East Enders is on…!!

Home-based training programs will incorporate exercises for every muscle group; to enable you to tone up, lose weight or prepare for that challenge. Imagine doing all that from the comfort of your own home, garden, local park, or whatever name you wish to give your home based training facility. With the expert instruction of a Personal Trainer you’ll be sure to be doing your exercises to your optimum level, keeping you motivated and seeing your fitness goals and results being achieved session by session.

Dropout rates of 30-40-% are built into gyms’ business models! The first 6 weeks at a gym are typically the hardest to get through and by March, is when those staggeringly high figures really begin to kick in. By this point gym goers have already committed several hundred pounds to their once highly desired fitness goals and aspirations. I won’t even dwell on the mental stress and guilt feelings we devote to this lack of commitment. The average person is a member of a gym for a mere 12-15 months (stats: IDEA the world’s largest association for fitness and wellness professionals).

As a Personal Trainer delivering home-based training programs, based in Sutton Coldfield since 1998 – nearly 17 years experience in the fitness industry, I still have a number of clients I’ve worked with since that time! Now, that’s commitment! Exercise, health and wellness are a way of life and home based training can really help you set your own precedent for this. Home based training versus gym membership will show you how easy, fun, convenient and a way of life exercise actually can be.

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