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Getting Fit is ‘a Walk in the Park’

December, 2016

Walking has countless benefits attributed to it.  Numerous studies have been conducted to try and fully understand the effects that walking has on the body.

Some health experts determine that walking stimulates specific points on your feet that correlate to the wellbeing of your whole body. Most scientists agree that walking leads to longer life by improving circulation, muscle strength, joint support and breathing.  Walking can also aid weight loss, improve sleep and alleviate depression.

Surely then, walking is the elixir of life.

But could simply walking in Sutton Park on a Sunday afternoon be the answer?  Or do our bodies need more than that?

You may think that the automatic response from a personal trainer would be that walking isn’t enough – that you need to go faster, work harder and burn more calories.

However, having been a personal trainer in the Sutton Coldfield and Birmingham areas for over 16 years, I cannot stress enough just how important walking is.

The main reason for this is that almost everyone can do it.  And everyone’s fitness journey begins somewhere.

Walk Don’t Run?

I’m not just suggesting going for the easy option; but sometimes walking is actually going to be better for you than running.  You may have excess weight that would make running difficult, or damaging to your joints.  But what about if you’re already quite fit?  Is walking still the better option?

Have you ever gone for a run and come back feeling starving and spent the rest of the day scoffing mars bars?  Not ideal is it?

That is because the run has made your body burn calories at a much faster rate causing your blood sugar levels to crash and then crave energy.  Perhaps walking in Sutton Park and a healthy lunch would have been the better option?

But don’t use this as an excuse to do nothing.  Kidding yourself that exercise ‘lite’ (having a moving-is-better-than-keeping-still mentality) will prolong your life by ten years is just delusional.  Of course, every non-static activity we do adds up and builds a healthier lifestyle but we can’t dupe ourselves into thinking that this alone is enough.

Which is why having a personal trainer is the ideal solution.  You don’t have to guess at what is best for you.

You don’t have to worry that you’re doing too much and injuring yourself or doing too little and not reaping the benefits.  As your personal trainer, I will tailor a programme that is just right for you.  Whatever the goals that you have set yourself are, as your personal trainer, I will work alongside you to achieve them in the best way possible.

If weight loss is your objective I can incorporate a nutrition plan to work alongside your personal training to get that exercise and food balance right.

Walking for Motivation

Just being outside is a huge factor in why walking is good for you.   A lot of my clients benefit from having their personal training sessions outside, in Sutton Park, because just being outside is motivating.

Try it – if you have requested the gift of personal training sessions for Christmas or have set yourself the New Year’s Resolution to get fit and healthy next year, then why not kick-start that motivation now.

Use some of the time that you have off over Christmas for some walking in Sutton Park.  At Christmas time, there are lots of people out walking in Sutton Park and the atmosphere is lovely.

Try downloading an app such as map my walk or strava to see how far you go.  Or use a pedometer to count your steps.  By the time January comes you’ll be eager to tell me how good you’re feeling and ready for us to put your own personal training programme into place.

You can, of course, contact me to discuss any other personal training requirements you may have for the coming year.  Call me on 07970 881 051 or take a look here at personal training for events.


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