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Get inspired by Brazil

June, 2014

With the World Cup almost upon us and all thoughts turning to Brazil, what better place to look for fitness inspiration than the beaches of beautiful Brazil! When we talk or think about the perfect beach body, there is probably nowhere in the world that conjures up that evocative image more than Rio and its Copacabana & Ipanema beaches.

So perhaps the England team are unlikely to inspire you? Even less the beer swigging, shirtless England fans, why not turn to the locals for beach body inspiration…

Whilst a few weeks Personal Training may not instantly turn you from a couch potato to having the beach body of a Copacabana lifeguard, you can at least start thinking about your health and fitness goals. How do you see yourself now and how you’d like to see yourself in the future?

Sutton Coldfield may well feel a long way from Brazil and we may not have quite the same amount of sunshine, but when the sun does pop out we’d all like to reveal a beach body to be proud of.

Being a Personal Trainer I know that however much we like to play it down there is vanity in all of us. We would all like that “Rio beach body”, so what’s stopping you? There are always reasons (or more accurately excuses), not enough time, tired after work, there’s something more important to do.

So if you can hear yourself trotting out the same old “reasons” for not exercising, here’s what you could be doing instead. 1) Focus on why you want to train. 2) Set yourself just one fitness goals – to get the ball rolling (sorry for the pun 3) Take one small step towards your fitness goal – put your training kit in your car, porch, office etc. 4) Make it happen!  Get out one evening for a fast walk/run in Sutton Park, Newhall Valley, Brookvale Reservoir etc.  Any Personal Trainer will tell you it’s about lifestyle choices and if you make the right ones and commit to them, then there’s every reason you can have your own “Rio beach body”.

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