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Fitness Made Easy in Sutton Coldfield

The internet is full of tips and ideas to help make our busy lives easier.  With keeping fit it’s no different, the ideas flow in abundance…

‘All you need to get fit is… a chair, a tin of beans, a baking tray’ (yes, really!). 

‘All you need to do is… put your shopping away, do the housework, spend X number of minutes anytime, anywhere doing this or that’. 

Not that these things won’t help but if it really is as easy as all that, then why aren’t we all super fit and perfectly happy with our bodies?  It’s because it’s too easy for us to make excuses. 

Too tired, too busy or don’t know what to do, lack of motivation, hating the gym, not sure where is best to train in Sutton Coldfield- all of these are reasons we regularly use to put off doing something beneficial for our bodies.

While it is natural for us to look for an easy option, if your workout starts with the aim of lifting a tin of beans to get fit then you’re not going to be pushing yourself to your limits are you?

Why Having a Local Personal Trainer in Sutton Coldfield Works

You + Me = Combined Forces.

Marc ITB stretch

On your side – you take the responsibility.  Firstly by making the decision to use a personal trainer, then by committing to appointments and doing your best.

On my side of the deal – well, it depends upon what you want to achieve.  I’ll consult with you to find out what your objectives are.  Then I will help you to focus to achieve your goals.

I’ll personalise your workouts to optimise your performance and I’ll support you along the way.

I’ll start with making decisions easy for you.  By taking away some of those excuses.  What about location?  You hate the gym?  No problem.  You don’t have to go.  You don’t even have to leave your house – but you may find training outdoors surprisingly motivating.

Sutton Coldfield offers an exceptional choice of open spaces.  Within Sutton Coldfield there is beautiful Sutton Park, New Hall Valley, open countryside and local parks; all places that we can go to workout.  So let’s just step out of your front door (or not) and start training.

Personal Training Sessions; What to Expect?

Here’s where I can make it really easy for you.

I’ll tell you which exercises are best for you, when and how long to exercise for; how much weight to lift (if any) and advise you on what to eat.  How does that help you?  It removes a whole host of possible excuses and gives you accountability.

But I’m not going to make it all easy for you.  Oh no!  That’s where the easy ends and the hard begins:  Because I’ll push you.  I’m there to tell you that you can do three more reps; that you can hold that position for ten more seconds.  And guess what?  You can.  And when you’ve done it you’ll feel great and see results even quicker.

So, whilst it is true that I could come to your home and use a couple of tins of beans to help you workout, I’ll do so much more than that.  We’ll let the outdoors inspire us and I’ll show you the best that you can be.

And we’ll have fun doing it – the Sutton Coldfield way.




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