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How to Enjoy the Mince Pies without Putting on Weight this Christmas!

As the festive season approaches many of us our faced with the annual dilemma; we are looking forward to all our favourite Christmas treats, but are terrified at the thought of stepping on the scales in January!

But there’s no need to panic, like most people, yes even a Personal Trainer, I’ll be consuming more than my fair share of calories on Christmas Day and no doubt on one or two other days as well! However, as always it’s a case of balance and moderation with what you eat and drink and getting some exercise done to even the score of calories in versus calories out.

I like to look at it with two different hats on. As a Personal Trainer, I’m a bit unusual, in that I’m a big advocate of all food and drink being allowed, just in moderation, the occasional blow out is fine and what we should always be doing is following a sensible, not perfect, eating plan, combined with regular exercise. This way we are allowed to enjoy all the things that make life great; staying fit and healthy at the same time.

Then with my second hat, a normal guy who loves Christmas and all the great things that go with it. This means that Christmas Day and New Year’s Eve, will come into the blow out category plus there will be the odd additional treat here and there as well. The occasional splurge feels and tastes great, however if you start doing that for two or three days consecutively you know you’re not going to be feeling that special. Which brings us on to exercise. There is no better way to beat that feeling of being bloated the morning after, than to get your trainers on, get out in the crisp, fresh air and do some exercise. You are unlikely to be beating or setting any personal bests, or even feel like you’re barely running or certainly not moving at your usual pace, but you know you’ll feel physically so much better afterwards, not to mention the mental lift of having addressed the calories in versus calories out balance!

So when I look at it ‘Personal Trainer’ me and ‘Christmas lover’ me we are saying the same thing. We are going to have great time, celebrating and partying and in between we’re going to make sure we also balance things out. This all means we’ll be confidently stepping on the scales come January and ready for some New Year goals, more on which to follow next month…

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