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Does having a personal trainer boost your health and fitness?

September, 2018

Can you get fit without the help of a personal trainer? Maybe. In this blog I’m going to show you how having your own personal trainer can be invaluable to boosting your health and fitness in the short and long term.

We always hear about people having a PT and how useful it is.

It seems to be the new ‘thing’. Having a personal trainer is almost like a milestone for many people in the quest to improve their fitness levels but is it actually something that is useful?

After all, you have to pay a bit extra for a personal trainer than you would for just having a standard gym membership.

This week I want to look at whether or not a personal trainer can boost your health and fitness levels and if it is help to have a PT or not.

Getting Fit Is All Relative

One person’s fitness goals won’t be the same as someone else’s.

Dave might already be fairly fit and looking to train for the Great Birmingham Run Half Marathon whereas Steve simply wants to shed those extra pounds that have built up over Christmas. The point is that getting fit is relative and a personal trainer can boost your fitness to whatever level you need – within reason!

You aren’t going to go from doing no exercise to running a marathon in 3 weeks but you will notice a big improvement in your general fitness levels in that time with a PT.

A PT Isn’t Just About Physical Health

Having a personal trainer isn’t all about your physical shape. Even though this is the main area that most people talk about when referring to how a PT has helped them, exercise has a direct impact on our mental health too.

Having a personal trainer that provides not only a structured and varied workout regime but also motivates you as well will have a positive bearing on your mental health. You don’t need to be diagnosed with depression or anxiety to benefit because we all suffer poor mental health at some stage or another.

Even having a stressful day at work can be alleviated through exercise and this is one area where the benefits of having a personal trainer are often overlooked.

You’ll Establish Long Term Habits

Improving your fitness shouldn’t just be a short term goal.

You might want to train for a marathon, to climb Kilimanjaro or even just get a bit more active but you should view this as a long term project. Even when you reach your goal you shouldn’t just go back to your old habits.

A personal trainer can set lifetime behaviours and ensure that you maintain a good level of fitness  and healthy lifestyle in the future.

Will a PT Boost Your Health and Fitness?

In a word, yes.

Not every single person in the world needs a personal trainer to help them get fit however for the majority of people having a PT is invaluable.

Just have a look at some of the testimonials to find out how people have used my services to boost their health and fitness not just over a period of months but in the longer term as well.

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