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Choosing the right Personal Trainer for you

So, you’ve decided you want a Personal Trainer, either to lose weight, get back in shape or get fit for a challenge. Here are some key pointers to help you make the right choice.

1)      Professionalism – you are investing both your time and money with a Personal Trainer, so the minimum requirement is someone who sticks to appointments, is punctual and has the right attitude. It’s his/her job to motivate you, not the other way round! Check their testimonials on their website, what are their existing or previous clients saying about them?

2)      Rapport – you should be looking for someone who you can get on with; this doesn’t mean a best friend who you can just talk to for an hour, but someone whose company you enjoy, who can make exercise fun (or at least less of chore than you find it otherwise!) If you enjoy what you’re doing, you are going to stick with it and that will get you results. A phone call and consultation will tell you if you’re going to get on. Always trust your gut instinct.

3)      Results – ultimately results is what Personal Training is all about. Everyone has their own particular goals that they hire a Personal Trainer to help them achieve. And to a certain extent it doesn’t really matter how you achieve them, just that you do. If you have all the other elements working together those results will be achieved.

4)      Understanding – we are all very individual: we have our own goals, likes/dislikes, personality quirks, etc. It is therefore vitally important that your Personal Trainer understands what makes you tick, do you need a virtual arm around the shoulder or tough love to help you achieve your fitness goals? Do they realise when you’re having a bad day and still have the skills to get you to achieve in a session? Because this is ultimately what will make the difference. Do they understand you well enough to continually get the best out of you no matter what else is going on in your life or what your mood is on any given day?

5)      Motivation – you may be in need of some expert advice. However, a major factor in you looking for a Personal Trainer is because you’re not achieving what you want ,as you’re unable to sufficiently motivate yourself. So, is your prospective Personal Trainer going to be the person to inspire you? Have they got a personality you can feed off? Trust your judgement, you know when you sit down with someone and talk through what you want to achieve, whether or not they are the person to give you that extra motivation to achieve!

Years of experience, the right qualifications and all of the natural personality traits above give great Personal Trainers the right mixture to enable those wanting to achieve their fitness goals, whatever they may be. Want to get in touch, here’s how.

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