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Can you train for 10k in 8 weeks? With a personal trainer you can!

June, 2018

How long does it take to get your fitness level up to the standard required for a 10k run? Can you do it in 8 weeks? Find out by reading my blog and discover how a personal trainer can be really beneficial to make sure that you reach your fitness goals.

So, you have put yourself down to run 10k and you are starting to panic.

“I’ll begin training next week”, “Ok, the week after…”

This is all very common but even if the date is fast approaching all is not lost because you can train for a 10k run in quite a short space of time as long as you have the right help!

So, how can a personal trainer assist you to reach your goal?

How long does it take to train for a 10k run?

I looked at this question recently in my blog – Train for a 10k with your own personal fitness coach – and between 8 and 10 weeks is reasonable for most people to get in shape for a 10k run.

Obviously a lot of this depends on personal circumstances. Some people might reach the desired level of fitness sooner and others may take a little longer. That being said, with my help you can get in shape for a 10k run quickly.

How can a personal trainer help?

There are various ways in which a personal trainer can help you to run 10k. From motivating you when you don’t feel like you can train anymore to ensuring that you have expert guidance.

I can also help prepare for a run 10k with your own training plan and professional nutritional advice.

Your own varied training plan

Training for a 10k doesn’t just mean that you start going jogging every night and gradually work your way up to running 10k. Even though this is something you should be doing, it isn’t the only thing!

With my help I can create a varied training plan which will allow you to reach your goal of running 10k. A varied training plan targets several parts of your body and works on different things such as endurance and allows you to fit it into your schedule.

Nutritional Advice

When it comes to training for a 10k it isn’t just what you do that is important, it is what you eat as well.

You can run and train as much as you want but if you have an unhealthy diet or if you don’t eat the right food then it will all be in vain. With my help we can create a nutritional plan that will work alongside your physical training regime for maximum effect.

Train for a 10k in 8 weeks

Running 10k can be daunting for a lot of people especially if you haven’t done it before.

Even if you have a 10k run coming up in the next few months and you haven’t started training yet then don’t worry because help is at hand!

Get in contact and we can work together to ensure that you not only complete the 10k run but that you also vastly improve your personal fitness levels and put yourself in a healthy position for the future too.

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