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5 Different Reasons for Needing a Personal Trainer at Home in Sutton Coldfield


Did you know that according to the Fitness Industry Association (FIA) a person works out five or six times harder with a personal trainer than they would on their own?  And you’re 30% more likely to have success at achieving your goals.

Having a personal trainer is a definite shortcut to the healthy, fit lifestyle that you aspire to.

But your circumstances might mean that having a personal trainer at home in Sutton Coldfield is almost a necessity.  How so?

Personal Training at Home – a Necessity

 It’s the ‘home’ bit that’s important.  And here’s why.  Maybe you fit into one of these categories of people:

  1. You have an erratic work schedule

From one week to the next you don’t know what shifts you’ll be on.  It’s difficult or impossible to commit to fitness classes leaving you only odd times of day to exercise.  A Sutton Coldfield personal trainer at home will fit in with you saving time that you can’t spare.

  1. You feel uncomfortable exercising in public

This can be a very real issue for some people taking their first steps with a fitness regime.  A personal trainer at home in Sutton Coldfield can help you rebuild your confidence.  Being shown how to do exercises correctly is critical for it to have the most benefit immediately and long term.

  1. You have an injury

Having sustained an injury it can be a daunting prospect to try and rebuild your strength.  It can be worrying to think you might get stranded away from home if your injury re-occurs. Using a personal trainer at home gives you a safe environment with a professional to guide safely through your rehabilitation.

  1. You’re a busy parent with childcare needs

Your friends might be well on their way to achieving their pre-baby body shape.  The reality is that not everyone has childcare in place allowing them to pop out for a run when the kids are in bed or join in classes during the day.  So how about having a Sutton Coldfield personal trainer at home instead?  A plan, including dietician advice, can be set around your goals.  Anything to make your busy life easier, right?

  1. You’re put-off by bad weather.

Now, this one might just sound like a standard excuse for not exercising but, if you’re the kind of person that would usually hop on your bike or go for a run, consistently bad weather may mean that you need an alternative routine to keep your fitness levels up.

Why Having a Personal Trainer at in Sutton Coldfield Works

So, for whatever reason, you can’t get out to exercise, but do you need a personal trainer?  Again, that will depend to some extent on your personality and circumstances.

You could just do a workout DVD, right?  Have you already got one? – or two?  With the best will in the world, how many times have you actually done it?  And when you do are you really pushing yourself?  Are you getting bored with the same routine?

A personal trainer is someone who is dedicated to you.  They will assess your fitness, track your progress and push you to your safe limits.

You may have always imagined having a personal trainer as a luxury.  But sometimes as your life changes, so do your priorities.  Maybe now is the time that you need to do this for yourself.  Being able to have a personal trainer at home in Sutton Coldfield – to have all these benefits without even leaving your house will be the best decision you’ve made all year.

For more detail about the ways a personal trainer at home in Sutton Coldfield will help you specifically take a look here and read these testimonials from happy clients.


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