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3 reasons a personal trainer will improve your nutrition

August, 2018

Being physically active isn’t much use unless you eat well too. A personal trainer in Sutton Coldfield can help to reach your goals while also creating an effective nutritional plan for maximum physical and mental success.

When you think of a personal trainer what springs to mind?

Someone taking you on a 5k run to boost your fitness and screaming motivational quotes at you? Well, it’s not quite like that but most people conjure up a similar picture in their head.

Did you know that a personal trainer in Sutton Coldfield can actually improve your nutrition?

You probably didn’t – not many people do.

A lot of clients think that they have to go to a dietician for that and while that can be true in certain circumstances, a personal trainer can actually help you in this area.

So, how can a personal trainer improve your nutrition?

#1 A nutritional plan to suit you training regime

Different training regimes require different nutritional intake.

It depends on what you training for and what you end goal is as to what is the best diet or best foods are to eat. While there is universal nutritional advice that applies in pretty much all circumstances, I can create a tailored guide to what you need to eat and when.

This will be slightly (or massively!) different for each person and with your own personal trainer you will get a nutritional plan that is custom made for you.

#2 Creating lasting change for your health

It is all well and good changing your eating habits and what you consume over a short period of time but what happens after this? So, you’ve completed your goal of running 10k but if you go back into your old ways then this will all have been in vain.

With my tailored nutritional plans I can help you to create a sustainable regime that ensures you will continue to eat healthily in the long-term.

We all have lapses – cheat days are a bit of a myth and ‘refeeding’ is a better practice – however with a solid plan in place the effect of these lapses can be minimalised.

#3 Healthy body = healthy mind

Eating healthily and consuming certain foods in moderation can do wonders for your mental health.

Part of my job as a personal trainer is to help you reach your goals and being physically active combined with a sensible but effective nutritional regime means that you will achieve your objectives quicker.

This can all have a positive impact on your mood and ensure that the way you feel is improved in the long-term too. A healthy body means a healthy mind and improving your food intake is a key part of this.

A personal trainer and your eating habits

We all have to eat and while I’m not going to begrudge anyone spoiling themselves with a high calorie meal every once in a while, a proper nutritional plan will do wonders for your training regime.

It will also help with your physical and mental health too.

With my wide range of qualifications I can create an eating plan that suits not just the goals you want to achieve but also benefits your overall health as well.

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