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Training Plans for the Great Birmingham Run

August, 2016

(and other half marathons)

Every great athlete has a training plan.  The super athletes have their whole year, their whole life even, set out around the schedules for the Olympics or other huge events.  Whether you’re a newbie or experienced athlete a great training plan is the first step to helping you achieve your fitness goals.

Working to a training plan is crucial when you set yourself a challenge with a deadline.  Most of us have to fit those exercise sessions around work and other commitments so it is even more important to make each workout count.

Developing Your Training Plan


With the Great Birmingham Run coming up soon, hopefully you’ve been running regularly for a few months to build up your endurance and you now have a couple of months of training to go.

So at this point, especially if you’re new to running half marathons, you start to have questions and just wish that there was someone who you could ask:

  • How often should I be running?…and how far?
  • Should I focus solely on cardio or be do other forms of exercise?…Should I use weights?
  • Can I prepare properly on a treadmill or do I need to be running outside?…Where should I go?
  • How can I avoid injuries?…What stretches should I do?
  • Should I change what I’m eating?
  • What preparation should I do on the morning of the race?

This is where having the expertise of a personal trainer is paramount.  As a personal trainer in Sutton Coldfield, the Great Birmingham Run is a local race that I have helped many people prepare for.

It is important to start with an assessment of your current fitness level and experience.  I will then plan a structured training programme tailored to you.

You will have the opportunity to ask all of those questions and I will work with you to push yourself to achieve more than you knew was possible.  I will teach why additional strength exercises are important and how to perform them safely.

From years of experience I will explain to you why tapering is essential and will tailor the perfect half-marathon taper into your personal training plan.

I will help you build stamina and strength and, above all, the confidence that you can do what you set out to achieve.

Personal Training in Sutton Coldfield

Sutton Coldfield park is only a few miles from where the Great Birmingham Run takes place and is the perfect place to run and prepare for the race.  There are measured 2.5k and 5k routes mapped out in a beautiful, calm setting.  So, rather than spending hours in a hot and sweaty gym, we’re lucky to have Sutton Park on our doorstep.

As a private personal trainer I am not tied to a gym so whether you prefer to train at home, run straight from your front door or meet in Sutton Park, I offer the flexibility to suit you, as well as saving you time and money.

Challenge Yourself

There are many different reasons that people challenge themselves to do half marathons and all kinds of people take part.

Setting yourself a challenge like entering the Great Birmingham Run is a perfect way for you to engage fully and see physical results quickly.  Having something to aim for increases your motivation and makes you work harder at each training session.

Using a personal trainer to help you reach that goal gives you flexibility and is more effective than joining a gym.

Personal trainers are not only for elite athletes but maybe the Great Birmingham Run will be the first step in you actually becoming one.

The Great Birmingham Run takes place this year on Sunday 16 October 2016.  Currently there are still places available and time to train for it.

If you are local to Sutton Coldfield or Birmingham and would like a free personal training consultation contact me here or call me on: 07970 881 051.


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