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Why training with a goal in mind is important

December, 2018

Reaching your fitness goals is a massive achievement.

A personal trainer can be invaluable in ensuring that you get what you want out of your training. This could be losing a few extra pounds, training for a big event like a marathon or even just trying to be a bit more active.

Training aimlessly won’t achieve any significant results. If you don’t haves a set schedule and no ‘end goal’ in sight then you will likely drop off. So, why is training with a goal in mind so important?

Reaching goals boost your self-esteem

Do you ever get a feeling of satisfaction when you have a ‘to do list’ and you start crossing tasks off when you’ve completed them? This is similar.

Setting a fitness goal and reaching that goal can do wonders to your self-esteem. It not only has an impact on your physical health but on your mental health as well.

Even short term goals can have a huge impact and training with a goal in mind can help you monitor your progress better too.

They keep your expectations realistic

You aren’t going to go from doing no exercise at all to running the Great Birmingham Half Run Marathon in the space of a few weeks.  Things like this take time.

The issue many people have is setting unrealistic expectations of what they can achieve. When they don’t make as much progress as they would like then they simply give up. This is why setting a goal in consultation with your personal trainer is vital.

They will ensure that your expectations are realistic and achievable in a set time frame.

Goals can lead to permanent lifestyle changes

When you reach your training goals this can be the catalyst for lasting changes in your lifestyle.

Taking the first steps to being fitter, running a marathon, climbing a mountain or getting back in shape can seem daunting. It can be easy to give up and go back to your old bad habits.

By setting a realistic goal and working towards that goal with your personal trainer you will be far more likely to continue in the future. This can lead to a much healthier and happier life not just in the short term but over a longer period of time as well.

Why training with a goal in mind is important

Any exercise is generally good for you however training aimlessly with no real target or goal in mind isn’t going to get you back in shape effectively or achieve what you really want.

Having a set goal doesn’t mean the end of the process either. It just means you have achieved what you want and then you need to keep that level of fitness up or move onto the next challenge.

With a personal trainer in Sutton Coldfield you can work together to not only have realistic expectations of what you can do but give yourself a much better chance of achieving your training goals as well.

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