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Case Study: Using a Personal Trainer for Life-Changing Weight Loss

April, 2016

Taking the first steps in changing your lifestyle, losing weight and getting fit can be daunting.  How do you get from where you are now to where you want to be?

Can you do it on your own?  Yes, it is possible – but the quest for life changing weight loss and improved fitness isn’t easy and can take a hell of a lot of motivation to get started.

Having your own fitness coach works wonders.  A personal trainer who can coach you in what to eat and motivate you to exercise, helps you to develop life changing habits.

This is exactly how Sutton Coldfield trainer Rob Whalley helped one of his recent clients make a life changing transformation.

Starting the Journey to Self Confidence

Rob’s client really wanted to lose weight and get healthy.

His life previously included no exercise at all.  His usual diet was made up of loads of snack foods like crisps, chocolate bars and lots and lots of cans of coke; typically drinking between 8 – 10 cans a day.  So where should he start to make the changes he needed to lose weight?

Personal trainer Rob suggested at the outset that he stop drinking coke.  So he cut it out – completely.  They also started training together.

Twice a week they would go to the local park in Sutton Coldfield and would train together; initially doing a combination of walking and running.  As the weight loss started and his fitness and stamina began to improve he was soon able to run for half an hour in one go.

Life Changing Weight Loss from Expert Personal Training

Rob coached him in general resistance training and taught him core training fitness techniques that gave him the confidence to complete a third training session on his own every week.

Rob is a personal trainer who is also able to give nutritional weight loss advice so he advised his client in making healthy food choices and how to make changes in his diet that will last a lifetime.

So how successful was this life changing transformation? By working together with a personal trainer, in just nine months, Rob’s client managed a dramatic weight loss, going from eighteen stone down to just thirteen stone – and he’s kept off drinking the coke!

If you would like a personal trainer to help you lose weight or to make a similar life changing transformation Rob will develop a fitness programme just for you. He’ll coach you along the way giving you all the help you need until you reach that life changing goal.

For a FREE consultation to discuss goals personal to you call Rob on 07970 881 051.



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