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logo-banner ‘I Want a Personal Trainer’ is a Personal Training business run by Rob Whalley based in Sutton Coldfield and Birmingham.

With over 16 years of experience Rob has helped hundreds of people like you achieve their goals, from losing weight to getting back into shape, resuming training after injury to completing fun runs and achieving a life-long challenge.

All programmes are tailor made to suit your goals, circumstances and fitness level. I Want a Personal Trainer covers Sutton Coldfield and surrounding areas in a location convenient to you, be it your own home or local park.

logo-banner Why train with me?

Personal Training is a very personal thing and what works for one person won’t necessarily get results for another. During an initial consultation I learn about you; what your goals are, what’s been stopping you from achieving them and what it will take to get you achieving.

I deliver sessions in a friendly, relaxed style, giving you the encouragement to push harder to achieve more. I make it easier for you – training you at or near your home, at a time that fits into your lifestyle, tailoring sessions to suit your goals whilst making them fun and motivating.

Above all it’s about results, by establishing a training programme you enjoy and understanding what motivates you to push that extra bit, I put everything in place to make sure you achieve your goals.

Personal Training Home Based Training

Many people I train have tried gym based programmes before which just haven’t worked for them. They find them intimidating, inconvenient and demotivating. Training from home is a great alternative. You don’t have to travel, you’re in an environment you feel comfortable in which means you can train more effectively.

For some, indoor programmes are ideal, privacy increases comfort and confidence. It’s as convenient as you could wish for and training in all weathers isn’t for everyone!

However, training outside in the fresh air, really appeals to lots of my clients, so using a local park for sessions is a great option. And in Sutton Coldfield, having Sutton Park on our doorstep provides an excellent training ground.

Whether you choose to train indoors or outdoors, or a combination of both, I’ll travel to you and bring the equipment we’ll need. Everything is taken care of, so there can be no more excuses!

If you’re wondering what personal training is all about, take a look at the ‘Is it for me’ section to help you make your decision, or click on my ‘Testimonials’ to see what some of my clients have to say about the fitness training service I provide.”

To go ahead with your FREE consultation and discuss your fitness training requirements, send me an email or call me now on 07970 881051

I want to
lose weight

With Personal Training you will:

  • Get a training program specifically tailored to burning fat
  • Increase your motivation to achieve your goals
  • Gain body confidence as the pounds fall off

New You Now

I want to get fit
for a challenge

With Personal Training you will:

  • Get a training program geared to the challenge you’re undertaking
  • Meet manageable targets as you head towards your challenge
  • Increase confidence and self-belief as your event fitness improve

Achieve Your Challenge

I want to get
back in shape

With Personal Training you will:

  • Get back into shape post pregnancy or life changing event
  • A tailored program to regain your fitness following an injury
  • Learn how to manage and train safely and effectively with a long term injury#

Get Fit Now

Personal Trainer based in Sutton Coldfield

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